Garden Keys

If you wish to become a keyholder to the Garden, please remember that the peace and quiet offered by the Garden is precious to its users.

Who can apply for a Garden Key

Nevern Square Garden Limited. is governed by the terms of the Kensington Improvement Act 1851. This has the following implications:

How to apply

All key matters are dealt with by WBM to whom applicants should apply via email.

Eligible individuals will be required to produce the originals of their current Council Tax bill and a recent utilities bill, each showing them to be the account holder/occupant at the relevant address. When an application is accepted, a key fob deposit of £50 will be required and the keyholder must undertake, in writing, to abide by the Garden By-Laws. The key fob will then be issued.

For subscribers, a subscription fee will be payable with the key deposit. Subscriptions run from 1 April to the following 31 March and applications for the following year should be made by 1 March, with all subscription fees payable in advance. There is no automatic right to renew a subscription.